Muffins, fruit platter, orange and apple juice, yogurt, coffee, tea and herbal tea.
Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and ham, fried potatoes, croissants, orange and apple juice, muffins, jams, tea, coffee and herbal tea.
Cold Cereal 2-3 assorted selections, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, plain yogurt with fresh fruits and honey, croissants jams, orange and apple juice, tea, coffee and herbal tea.
Assorted pastries, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and ham, fried potatoes, waffles with syrup and fruit coulis, fresh fruit platter, tray of tomatoes and cucumbers, cottage cheese, assorted marinades, fresh fruits salad, croissants, tea, coffee and herbal tea.
  • Add $3 for staff (minimum of $200)
  • Add $1 for dishes
  • Add 10% for gratuity for all meals
  • Add 13% for taxes for all meals