Buffet #5 Luxury

Tray of sandwiches on baguette, assorted breads, croissants, pita and ciabatta with 3 choices of toppings (egg salad, ham, pork, tarragon chicken, tuna salad with red onions, humus with alfalfa) Choice of 3 salads (Spring Green, potato, strawberries spinach with poppy seed vinaigrette, orzo, broccoli, penne with vegetables with sun dried tomatoes, carrots and raisins, marinated mushrooms) Vegetable tray with homemade dip, mild cheese tray (oka, havarti and brie) with raisins, assorted marinades, tray of terrine, pastries.

  • $18.95 per person + tax
  • $20.25 + tax with staff & coffee service